The question: let’s see you can revive an old tv series, with any changes you want OR you can adapt something that hasn’t been adapted yet— what do you do? i want details, too. like, casting and nerdy thoughts.

(question from this tagging game)

The Pantheon


Dramatis Personae

We are easily forgotten. But we are never lost. We are manipulators. We are our flaws. We stand alone yet one is nothing without the other. We hold power for no other reason than it is ours. Immortality is not a curse to us. We see the world change and men die. We are one and the same, we are light and darkness. Vanity is our shared sin. We are foes, allies, lovers, empathic viewers of heroical deeds and aberrant choices. 

᾿Eσμέν Ὄλυμποu οἰ Θεοί.      
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